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SMASH It! is a special combination of nutrients researched and developed over the past 20 years not found in typical diets or weight loss programs. It includes the perfect balance of carbohydrates, fiber, whey protein, and healthy coconut fat. Along with Spectra BlendTM (which contains 29 fruits, vegetables, spices), Enzyme Blend and Probiotic Blend.

The result: a perfectly-balanced, nutrient-infused meal replacement shake... all with only one gram of sugar. Here’s even better news: It tastes delicious!

SMASH It! Nutrient-Infused Slimming Shake is the cornerstone of a new life-changing health-boosting, body-transforming system called The Metabolic Fix. Combine Smash It! with The Metabolic Fix System for scientifically-proven, patient-proven weight loss and super health success. It’s the easiest and fastest way to transform your body and your overall health.

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The Metabolic Fix book. A 3-Phase System for Repairing A Boken Metabolism and Healing Sick Fat Cells


Quick Start Guide - Puts all the key secrets of The Metabolic Fix at your fingertips for quick access and maximum benefit.


The Metabolic Fix Meal Planning System


Carb Count Cheat Sheet


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Dynamic Training Guide: Exercises and Guidelines For All Experience Levels


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Fix "toxic" fat cells and
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Fixes “toxic” fat cells so you can enjoy superior weight loss and super health

Increases fat burning and reduces cravings with special “good” fats

Gives you full spectrum antioxidant power that targets all five of the most harmful kinds of free radicals

Breaks your body’s dependency on sugar with special proteins

Helps you lose weight and preserve lean muscle — no “saggy” weight loss

Helps you better digest foods, even dairy, and keeps you regular with special digestive enzymes and probiotics

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